Vintage Rustic Ceramic Stoneware Small Studio Pottery Bowl with Splatter Glaze

Vintage Rustic Ceramic Stoneware Small Studio Pottery Bowl with Splatter Glaze

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Studio pottery is pottery made by professional and amateur artists or artisans working alone or in small groups, making unique items or short runs. Typically, all stages of manufacture are carried out by the artists themselves. 


If you're looking for unique, decorative yet functional items for your home, studio pottery is the way to go. Becoming more and more fashionable, these stand out pieces usually in muted, earthy tones would look lovely in any style home. 


This beautiful rustic bowl with minimal colour pallet and interesting splatter glaze is sure to look great on any table top or display shelf. 


In general good condition with some crazing and some deeper cracks to the glaze on the inside of the bowl and other general surface wear commensurate with age. Signed underneath and made by local potter JSF.   


Measures approximately 13.5cm in diameter and 8cm tall.  



Jane Sinclair Foster


Jane’s interest for pottery was sparked at St Aidan’s School in Carlisle (1972 - 1980). She would later go on to study foundation art at Carlisle Art College (1980-1981) majoring in ceramics and later gaining a prestigious place at Camberwell School of Art, studying under and much influenced Janice Tchalenko.


Jane’s first order for her ceramics was from The Designer’s Guild in London.  She also received orders from Liberty, Harrods, Strangeways in Covent Garden, Saks on 5th Avenue New York and many lucrative galleries and collectors alike in her short career.


Being a young start up business, based in Brixton from early 1985, the Prince’s Trust funded the purchase of a kiln for Jane. Prince Charles even invited her to a showcase of businesses he’d helped. It was here that Jane met Prince Charles and he fell in love with her work. 


One day, Jane received a call from the Palace asking her to take in some work to show Prince Charles where he would place an order for two lamp bases. Embarrassed at driving an Austin Allegro, Jane hired a car and delivered the work to Buckingham Palace herself. 


Jane gained much joy and quite a following with her ceramics, however being short of money and alone in London meant Jane unfortunately had to give it all up and got a job as an estate agent. Jane now lives in Wimbledon with her family where she is a personal trainer working outside in her local South Park Gardens.


With regards to the process of Jane’s ceramics, her pots are ’T’ material and slip-decorated by hand with brushes, stencils, layering colours and patterns. They are then fired to bisque then spray glazed and fired to earthenware temperatures. This firing process engineers the ‘crazed’ finish, her unique selling proposition.


For those of you that live in the UK and have a similar love for studio pottery, make sure you pay a visit to the York Art Gallery. Now the world’s most extensive collection of British Studio Pottery, with more than 5,000 pieces, well worth a trip.