Reclaimed Wood Plank Trestle Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Plank Trestle Dining Table

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Our beautiful, rustic reclaimed timber dining tables feature breadboard ends and trestle legs. Individually handcrafted in the UK from thick planks of solid reclaimed pine. Please allow for a little tolerance in lengths and widths due to the fact that the timber is reclaimed. Finished with mid brown wax to legs and top.

Please read the following information carefully before ordering:

• These tables are full character and are not ‘perfect’. The timber is reclaimed and there will be marks, cracks & splits, other blemishes and imperfections. The timber is not grade ‘A’ quality… it is carefully selected to be a characterful as possible. Salvaged wood may have come from old buildings and therefore have nail holes, hammer marks, historic paint traces and so on.

• The salvaged timbers used are from rough-hewn reclaimed timber, which will be variable in grain, texture and colour. Knots, cracks, dark marks, rusty spots, unevenness within the planks and variations in colouring are all part of the character of the table.

• Each plank in the table top will be unlikely to be exactly the same in grain, colour or texture. Reclaimed timber may have nicks, saw marks, sanding marks, old nail holes and other various signs of its previous use. Filler in a sympathetic colour may be used in areas also we may use dowels or blocks to fill larger holes or knots.

• Exact dimensions vary. Allow up to four cm tolerance within measurements quoted.

• As the timber is reclaimed there can be slight movement, you may find that you need to pop a felt pad under one leg for example to address a wobble.

• The table top is unlikely to be entirely flat and level…. you may find that in areas a dinner plate will (perhaps) not sit entirely flat. Planks within the table top may be slightly cupped and bowed when you first take delivery AND this may occur over time also.

• Areas of the table may have been heavily sanded creating rounded shallows and dips, these can also be found on the edges of the furniture.

• Breadboard ends are designed to expand and contract and may become a little larger than the table width in time – this is a natural and normal feature. If your breadboard ends should expand you can saw or sand off the excess timber after the table has settled for several months within home. You may also disguise shrinkage in this area by adding a little wax.

• Do not sit your table on a floor with under floor heating when it is first delivered, the extremes of heat may cause sudden drying of the timbers in your table and this could result in cracking. Extremes of temperature must be avoided for the first 8-12 weeks until you table has settled in. If you use under floor heating please be cautious and use it on a low setting for this first period.

• Clear Wax can be added at home to disguise any cosmetic cracks that develop over time.

• We recommend that should you choose not to seal your table that you use protection on the surface of your table such as waterproof covers, coasters and place mats.

• If you choose to seal your table with wax or varnish then this will be water resistant and stain resistant but NOT waterproof and stain proof, you must take use protective covers on your table to prevent damage.

• Your table top will need to clear wax to be re-applied periodically to keep up the protection and to reseal it. We recommend this be done every 1 to 6 months. Your table can be wiped with a wrung out damp cloth and then immediately dried with a soft cloth.

• A 25 cm overhang at the head of your table is a general industry standard and is comfortable for a person of average height.

• If we deliver your table there will only be one man on the delivery, you will need to supply someone strong at your delivery address to take the other end of the furniture.

• If you are seeking a perfect table then it is highly probable that our tables may not be for you. Our tables are carefully designed to be very rustic and will not be perfect. We wish to emphasise that this is inherent to the design and for us allows the salvaged timbers to look ‘reclaimed’ and that this is what is beautiful about them.


6ft long 100 cm wide top