Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'
Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'
Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'
Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'
Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'
Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'
Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'

Mid Century Oil Painting - 'Rocks at Kullaberg'

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Mid-century oil on canvas by Swedish artist, Einar Emland (1916-1994). Famous for depicting restless seas this large piece is typical of the artist's work. Pea green waves splash into a yawning inlet, white topped, churning and frothing. A Jaffa Cake coloured rock pierces the focal point of this thickly painted, juicy painting.

About Kullaberg

Kullaberg is a peninsula and nature reserve of land protruding into the Kattegat in Höganäs Municipality near the town of Mölle in southwest Sweden. The site in the province of Skåne is an area of considerable biodiversity supporting a number of rare species and has been designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA) in Sweden as well as a Special Protection Area (SPA). The terrain is dominated by steep cliffs rising from the sea and rocky outcrops on the ridge above, the highest elevation being Mount Håkull at 188 meters.

Inhabited as early as the Stone Age, there are extant stone circles, grave mounds, ancient village remains and other archeological features. Kullaberg is administered by the Höganäs Forestry Board and the Gyllenstierna Krapperup Foundation. Kullen lighthouse, designed by architect Magnus Dahlander in 1898, is considered the brightest in Sweden, situated at the westernmost point of the reserve, guiding ships through this busy part of the Kattegat. Within this 75 square kilometre (18,500 acre) reserve are extensive hiking paths that criss-cross the ridge and provide access to dozens of beach coves nestled at the bottom of the cliff formations.

About the artist

Emland was the son of the stonemason Olof Hansson and the weaver Johanna Hansson. He studied at the Skåne painting school in Malmö, for Jules Schyl ( https://www.barnstar.co.uk/product/mid-century-oil-house-in-the-woods-jules-schyl) at the Technical School, for Wilhelm Grüttrud in Oslo, for Peter Rostrup Bøyesen in Copenhagen and at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris 1946-1951. He visited France and the United States.

Emland was a very productive artist in a distinctive expressionist style in thick layers of oil paint, often compared to artists such as Edvard Munch, Carl Kylberg, Emil Nolde, Camille Corot and Jean François Millet. The motifs were often faceless figure compositions, preferably with social emphasis and robust design, landscape and still life. His upbringing under poor circumstances in the countryside outside Ystad has put deep imprints in his art, and it was usually the simple life in the former 20th century Skåne and Bohuslän he depicted in recurring motifs as "Potato pickers", "Laundries", " The waiting for the boat "," By the sea "," On the way home "," Mother and child ". Landscape motifs he was often drawn to were agitated seas, cliffs, summer forests with streams, but several trips to Bornholm, Norrland and Norway also put many imprints. He has participated in many separate and collection exhibitions and is represented in a large number of Swedish museums and public collections, including in Ystad, Vänersborg, Helsingborg, Skara and Linköping.

His background also gave him a strong personal commitment, which became a parallel act of life, to bring the art to the people, and his desire was that people could afford to have real art in their homes, not just simple reproductions or mass-produced so-called horticultural art , which became popular during his lifetime, and it became to him as a call, in collaboration with a number of other Scandinavian artists, to arrange exhibitions and art evenings for meetings between artists and the public around Sweden.

Cooperation was important to him, and in 1948 he was one of the initiators of the art group Arildsgruppen, which also started and ran the Art House in Arild, and whose director he was 1959–1963. The artist's house in Arild has for many years been an active place with painting school, lectures, exhibitions, concerts etc. This activity was converted in 1962 to the Artists' Cooperation Organization (KSO) with nationwide exhibition and art information activities until the end of the 1980s, as well as the organization SKYS. Einar Emland was a board member and a driving force in these activities throughout the years as well as a board member of Skåne's art association in the 1960s.

Original frame.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Provenance: Swedish School. Signed lower right.

Date; Mid-century

Condition; Very Good


Frame: Width X Height CM: 80 x 62 Inches: 33 1/2 x 25 1/2 Painting: CM: 62 x 44 Inches: 25 1/2 x 17 1/2