Alice In Wonderland - Original Walt Disney Film Poster
Alice In Wonderland - Original Walt Disney Film Poster

Alice In Wonderland - Original Walt Disney Film Poster

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Walt Disney's attempts to produce an Alice in Wonderland film stared in the 1930s, but Disney's all-animated feature wasn't released in cinemas until 1951 but it received a luke-warm reception and was never re-released in cinemas during Disney's lifetime, Alice in Wonderland aired as the second episode of the Walt Disney's 'Disneyland' television series in America on November 3, 1954, in a severely edited version that was cut down to less than an hour. However, a couple of decades later the 'psychedelic era' was beginning and Alice in Wonderland in all its technicolour glory was finding a new and far more receptive audience... Beginning in 1971, the film was screened in several sold-out venues at college campuses, becoming the most rented film in some cities and in 1974 Disney gave the film it's first theatrical re-release and with it was met with huge success.

This original US one-sheet film poster was produced for that 1974 re-release and with its vibrant colours and swirling graphics, it's very clear that Disney were trying to push the film's psychedelic appeal. For me, the artwork on this poster is amongst the most appealing of all the posters that I've encountered from this era and this particular example is nicely preserved with minimal fading and no notable damage.

The poster would've originally been tri-folded for distribution to cinemas and these fold lines are still visible and the yellow background is a little darker along the folds but this is all to be expected with an authentic vintage piece and adds to its character.


The poster has been professionally framed using conservation grade backing paper and is ready to hang. Including the frame it measures 107cm high x 71.5cm wide x 2.5cm deep.