1952 Painting, 'Reapers' by Fabian Lundqvist
1952 Painting, 'Reapers' by Fabian Lundqvist
1952 Painting, 'Reapers' by Fabian Lundqvist
1952 Painting, 'Reapers' by Fabian Lundqvist
1952 Painting, 'Reapers' by Fabian Lundqvist

1952 Painting, 'Reapers' by Fabian Lundqvist

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Superb oil painting on canvas by sought after Swedish artist, Fabian Lundqvist.

In true Lundqvist style his beautiful portrait is simple and understated. Under a slate grey sky, two women and man bend in toil, faces half in shadow. Peat, moss and pebble in colour with a cyan, 'eye hook,' centre stage.

About the Artist

Fabian Lundqvist 1913-1989

Fabian Valentin Lundqvist was born on 16th March 1913 in Malmö, Sweden. He was a Swedish painter and glass designer.

Lundqvist studied at the Skåne painting School (Skånska målarskolan) in Malmö in 1946 under the German / Danish artist and sculptor Harald Isenstein (1898-1980) before travelling to Paris in 1948 to study under the French sculptors and painters André Lhote (1885-1962) and Jean Fautrier (1898-1964).

Lundqvist first exhibited alongside (fellow Skåne painting School student) Ib Tollberg (1911-1984) at the Killbergs Konstsalong (Killbergs Art Salon) in Hälsingborg, southern Sweden in 1944. His solo exhibitions include Ängelholm and Trelleborg (1950), at the Studio Schrader in Copenhagen (1951) and in Lund (1951), SDS-hallen in Malmö and Galerie Alioth in Basel (1953), Älmhult (1953) and Landskrona (1957).

Lundqvist also participated in several group exhibitions - most notably, the Skåne's Art Association (Skånes konstförenings) exhibitions in Malmö (1943-1950), the Autumn Salons (Höstsalongern) in Helsingborg (1945-47) and 'The Wind' (Kulingen) in Copenhagen in 1953.

Lundqvist travelled to France (1947-50), Switzerland (1953), and Spain and Morocco (1954). He was a member of the Artists' National Organization (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation) and the Skane Arts Club (Skånska Konstnärsklubben).

Lundqvist married Hjordis Berg in 1956.

In 1958, Lundqvist became a designer and artistic advisor at the Trelleborg & Alsterfors Glasbruk (glassworks). Examples of Lundqvist's work can be seen in the Ystad museums and the Malmö General Hospital.

Original frame


Frame: Width X Height

CM: 64 x 57

Inches: 25 x 22 1/2


CM: 46 x 38

Inches: 18 x 15

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Provenance: Swedish School, signed and dated lower right

Date; 1952

Condition; Very Good