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Week 454’s Pedlars Dogs Of The Week Is… Marley

Say 'hello' to Marley, our Pedlars Dog of the Week!

Marley is a Bedlington Terrier who's a wonderful friend and companion to his family of three. He greets any visitor with the maximum of enthusiasm, bringing everyone a gift of a toy. They then become his friends for life.

He loves his cat friend Valerie. She has a wonky and scarred ear which he licks clean for her to stop infection building up. 

He behaves so well on his walks up the hills and doesn't even think of chasing the rabbits or bothering the cattle.

Congratulations Marley, you absolutely deserve to be PEDLARS DOG OF THE WEEK!

If your dog is a superstar hound, email fabrizia@pedlars.co.uk and tell us why they should be our Dog of the Week, with a photo of course.